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hey everyone happy Thursday thanks for tuning in this week I’m Wohlers wallet and welcome back to part two of our three-part series looking at ways we can book around the world tickets using our points and miles and this week we’re gonna be taking a look at the one rule Alliance and what they offer for around the world tickets and the oneworld alliance action does not offer true around the world tickets but a couple of airlines do offer options with multiple stopovers to see a few cities around the world which takes them more like pseudo around the world tickets as but they do offer a decent value for you as well so let’s start off with Cathay Pacific because we’re booking it around the world ticket using Asia miles you’re gonna look under the oneworld

multi-carrier award chart now you’re able to use the oneworld multi carrier award chart when there’s two one will alliance partners when Cathay Pacific or Cathay dragon are not one of those carriers or you can use three or more oneworld alliance partners when Cathay Pacific or Cathy dragon is one of your carriers and I really don’t think that should be too difficult especially if you’re looking to travel from Asia to the US you can look booking on Cathay Pacific metal now the Asian miles multi carrier war chart is a distance based award chart and the cost for Economy tickets is going to top out at a hundred and fifty thousand miles but this class will top out at two hundred forty thousand miles in first-class tops out at three hundred and forty five thousand miles and your award is going to have a maximum distance of fifty thousand miles you’re able to fly and you’re let have up to five stop overs with two transfers and you’re allowed to open jaws as well and you are allowed to book mix cabin awards but if you were to do this your entire trip is gonna be priced out at the highest cabin you flew in and also need to keep in mind you are not able to book a multi carrier award in Premium Economy Inn to search for one world availability I would tell you to look at British Airways or even Qantas both of these are going to be really good resources we’re looking for one world upward flights and in order to book this award you’re going to have to call in and do so because it cannot be booked online and your tax isn’t

for your award flight are going to be dependent on which airlines you booked for your award ticket this means you probably want to stay clear of

transatlantic flights on British Airways metal since it’s going to really inflate your taxes and fees cost and you can earn Asia miles through transferring city thank-you points and membership reward points at a one-to-one ratio or even transferring Marriott reward points at a three-to-one ratio or you can even use their Col branded credit card which is issued by synchrony Bank now let’s take a look at Qantas airlines and to look for Qantas as a word chart further around the world tickets you’re actually going to look at their one world classic flight reward table and you can use this a word chart when you’re flying at least two oneworld alliance partners other than Qantas also you can use this award chart if your ticket does not include any non oneworld alliance partners and at the same time jet star airline cannot be included in this itinerary in Qantas and pseudo around the world chart is based on a total distance flown and you have a maximum distance of 35,000 miles you’re enough to fly for your entire trip and at the top end an economy ticket will cost you a hundred and forty thousand miles Premium Economy will cost you two hundred and ten thousand miles business class will set you back two hundred eighty thousand miles in

first-class is gonna cost four hundred and twenty thousand miles and you’re allowed up to five stop overs and only one stopover is permitted at any one City and also only two transfers can be taken at one city in your inner airy and if you wanted a book an open JA ticket you can do that but the distance between those two locations is going to count towards your thirty five thousand mile total and if you wanted to book a mixed cabin award you’re allowed to do that but the entire ticket is gonna price out at the highest cabin your two book and your tickets are going to be valid for one year from the original ticketed departure date except for domestic Japan airline itineraries those are only gonna be valid for three months from the date they were issued now you can potentially book all of this online but most likely you’re going to need to call in to book this itinerary in to earn Qantas points you can transfer city thank-you points at a one-to-one ratio

even capital one miles at a to to 1.5 ratio now I think of all the alliances that offer around the world tickets I think the one will Alliance offers probably the weakest of them all the number of stopover is you’re allowed are some of the lowest out there and they pass some fuel surcharges to you as well but of the to one world carriers that offers these types of tickets I would think Cathay Pacific is the better option of the two but overall I would still probably pass on using one world further around the world tickets but I think one positive on these tickets and since they aren’t true around the world itineraries you’re not required to cross both the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean but I think you would want to since you’re really trying to maximize your points for the trip and really get the maximum distance allowed and remember you do want to search either British Airways or Qantas for one world

availability but I think for most people even with their quirks and their issues British Airways is going to be a little bit easier to use so tell me what do you think of the oneworld alliances

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