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hey everybody I’m Wallace Wallace in this video we’re gonna take a look at a must-have debit card if you travel internationally yes you heard me right there is a debit card you must have if you travel abroad but first if you’re new to this channel this channel is all about credit cards credit card rewards you show you how to use your points and miles to travel for less so that’s I’m gonna just you consider subscribing and turning the bail notification on as well now the debit card you need to have is the Charles Schwab debit card this card has been a huge money saver for me it has reduced any houses I’ve had what I need to get cash out when I’m traveling because if you’ve ever tried to exchange cash it is such a pain you lose money in the conversion the occurrence the exchange takes a fee and every time you do that you’re losing money but the Charles Schwab debit card changes all of that

so here are four reasons why you need to have this debit card first it has no foreign transaction fees and this one is huge many banks will charge you a foreign transaction fees starting at 1% or more depending on your bank and well it doesn’t sound like a lot it

definitely will add up especially if you need a lot of cash for part of your trip but the Charles Schwab card has no foreign transaction fees on purchases or ATM withdrawals and this is a great money saver and this alone can help you save a bunch of money when you go to withdraw cash at your destination and Charles Schwab will charge your account in u.s. dollars for the purchases or cash withdrawals and I’ve noticed that the amount taken from my account it’s pretty close to the daily exchange rate although it’s not exact and number 2 ATM fees are reimbursed worldwide now I find these to be such a sneaky fee usually you’re charged by the bank who owns the ATM machine and even your bank in the US could charge you a fee as well and this could add up to quite a bit of money each time you needed a withdraw cash but the Schwab card will reimburse you for all of these charges and there’s no limit to the amount of fees that they’re going to reimburse you which is

fantastic this makes it very easy to keep going back to the ATM if you need – instead of just taking out a large sum of money that you might not actually use and since the Schwab card reimburse you for ATM fees it has no foreign

transaction fees I usually carry just very little cash and when I reach my destination I find an ATM and withdraw cash if I need to number three it has no monthly fees and a day and age where banks are really trying to nickel and dime every person Charles Schwab is not doing any of that

the Schwab account has no monthly fee when you were to link it to your

brokerage account which you get when you open the account and I love the fact that there are no monthly fees

associated with this account because I can move just enough money for my trip in Charles Schwab isn’t gonna penalize me for having a certain amount of money in that account we’re not having direct deposit or meeting a certain number of requirements each month to have that fee waived and if I don’t spend all of my money from the trip that I was just on I can let my money sit in my trial account if I wanted to and really it’s just great to not have to worry about a monthly fee on this account number four the signup bonus when you sign up for a trial Schwab checking account they are offering a hundred dollar bonus when you use a personal referral link now I realize a hundred dollars isn’t the best bonus on the market but being rewarded an open account is pretty awesome the bonus doesn’t show up in your account immediately it will be deposited about a month after you were to open your account now you will receive a 1099 and you’re gonna pay taxes on this hundred dollar bonus but this sign up bonus gives you just a little bit of a boost to your travel spending cash and you didn’t even have to work for it and any time I can get a bonus whether it be points or calf without paying for it I consider that a win now I’ll leave a link for the hundred dollar bonus in the description below I get nothing for it but I want to make sure you get the bonus if you’re looking to open this account now I am a big fan of the Charlie Schwab checking account before we had this card we were exchanging money at currency exchange and it was really time consuming just waiting in lines comparing fees of the different places and we were spending a lot of money on fees or even just bad exchange rates but after we’ve gotten the Charlie WOB card it is saved us a lot of money since now we’re avoiding those fees and it’s a time saver as well now while there are so many positive this card there is a slight negative to it but I have personally I’ve never seen any negative effects from it because when you open your account you are going to receive a hard pool on your Experian account but since this isn’t a credit card this shouldn’t affect your 524 status but even with the hard pull I think if you’re someone who plans to travel internationally the Charla Schwab card makes a lot of sense because you’re gonna save yourself a lot of money a lot of time in your save yourself a lot of hassle with this card as well so tell me do you have a Charles Schwab checking account hey if you liked this video consider giving it a thumbs up

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