Booking Flights To Europe | How I Saved $1,400 On My Flights

hey everybody I’m Wohlers wallet and in this video I’m gonna tell you how I booked two tickets using SkyMiles yes SkyMiles to amsterdam in brussels for about $160 toil and that includes a lap infant as well but first if you’re new to the channel this channel is all about credit cards credit card rewards and showing you how to use your points and miles to travel for less so that’s something that interests you consider subscribing and turn in the notification bell on as well now I’ve been trying to plan a trip for this October for a little while now and I’ve gone back and forth between should we be going to Asia or should we head back over to Europe and really for my travels it comes down to award availability and I just haven’t seen any business or first-class face to Ada at a price that I was willing to pay so I started searching over in Europe and I looked at a couple of countries and cities that I haven’t been to yet and I think I found a really good deal for myself now I know people love to hate sky mile and I get it they aren’t the most valuable points in the market but they are far from worthless and when I was just messing around on Delta’s website I was able to find a round-trip tickets to Amsterdam from Boston for only 48 thousand miles in taxes and that’s actually a pretty good price for a roundtrip ticket and coach especially since most programs to Europe are going to cost you between fifty to sixty thousand miles and some of them will even pass on fuel surcharges to you as well and for that price we could

actually take the train to a few other cities and just come back and leave from Amsterdam but I decided to play around a little bit and see if I could find a better option not only in terms of price but also for convenience and I was actually able to find an option to where we fly in to Brussels and leave from Amsterdam for only 43,000 miles per person plus taxes but the taxes were different depending on if I visited Amsterdam or Brussels first if I decided to fly in there Amsterdam and leave from Brussels it would still be 43,000 miles per person but the taxi would be sixty two dollars and 53 cents per person and if I decided to fly in there Brussels and leave from Amster

it would still be 43,000 miles per person but it would only be fifty one dollars and forty three cents per person and on top of that the way home from Amsterdam is a nonstop flight to Boston which I would prefer now I know it’s only a twenty dollar difference total but I was going to see both of these cities anyways but by visiting Brussels first I’m gonna have an extra 20 bucks for some beer money in the city so if you’re flexible in the cities you’re going to visit you can play around with the dates and potentially save yourself extra money by altering the order in which you’re going to visit those cities and just to make sure I was actually getting a good deal I decided to search a couple other options as well I went over to Google flights to see the cash price for these flights and you can see the price for two adults and a lap infant was between 1300 to 1400 dollars and I definitely was not going to pay that then I checked a few other reward options just thinking myself a complete picture when I looked at aeroplanes it would cost a hundred and twenty thousand miles on a hundred and seventy dollars in taxes nope when I checked over it United it would cost a hundred twenty thousand miles and two hundred and sixty-five dollars nope then I went over to flying blue and remember with flying blue in order to add a lap infant the flight must be on Air France or Kayla metal it cannot be on partner Airlines so checking flying blue and the cheapest option that met that requirement was a hundred and thirty nine thousand miles in four hundred and twenty three dollars that’s a big note and while I don’t have the Chase Sapphire reserve I do have the chasing preferred and the cheapest option to the chase travel portal was a basic economy flight on ta P and the flight times were not the greatest either it would still cost me a hundred forty four thousand eight hundred and sixty eight ultimate reward points and really you’d be hard-pressed to find a better transfer option for only forty three thousand points for this open JA ticket so ultimately I decided I would spend eighty six thousand sky miles in a hundred three dollars and forty six cents for our tickets which was a pretty solid deal when I looked up our sky viola

my wife actually had just over 10,000 miles in her account so I would top-up her account to finish out this booking to do this I actually moved 58 thousand points for her account to her Delta SkyMiles account and I moved eighteen thousand points from my account to her Delta account now if you’ve ever

transferred points from American Express to a domestic carrier then you know they have this terrible policy that you need to pay the excise tax of point zero zero zero six cents per point with a maximum of ninety nine dollars and really I wish they’d get rid of this because no other company know of makes the customers pay to transfer their points so to move those 76,000 points the Delta it ended up costing us forty five dollars and sixty cents and to add a lap infant it was only sixteen dollars and 73 cents which is extremely cheap and since his flight would cost us one thousand five hundred thirty-five dollars and ninety six cents when he subtract out the taxes and fees in the excise tax we paid to move our points we received just about one point six cents per point which I am perfectly happy with and when I was booking this thing and I actually screwed up and picked the wrong date to fly home on fortunately enough I caught it right after I booked the flight in the award price that come home was the same the following day so I had to call Delta and have him fix this since her website was having issues and it was fixed in just a few minutes after I called him so all in all we paid eighty six thousand SkyMiles and one hundred and sixty-five dollars and seventy nine cents to visit two more countries we haven’t been to yet which i think is a great deal so while many people want to write off sky miles I don’t think you should completely write them off sure throw out the first currency I would go after nor are they the most valuable currency on the market but when they increase their credit card bonuses and your be on five twenty four I definitely think they’re worth considering because when it comes to United American and Delta United an American are moving towards a dynamic pricing model for their award flights but I feel Delta has the

experience of those airlines so tell me how have you used your SkyMiles

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