Fly BUSINESS CLASS To Africa For Only 44,000 Miles

hey everybody I’m rollers wallet and welcome back to another award booking demonstration and this time we have an award bookie need for Hannah and Hannah actually has a request that I haven’t heard we haven’t seen yet and I’m actually quite excited for this

demonstration but first if you’re new to this channel this channel is all about credit cards credit card reward and show you how to use your points and miles to travel for less so that’s something that interests you consider describing and turn the notification bell on as well now Hannah is actually looking to fly from Atlanta to Ghana for her and her husband in February staying between somewhere between 7 to 10 days she currently has 138,000 ultimate reward points and a hundred thousand membership reward points Hannah would also like to fly business class round-trip if

possible so let’s see how we can make this happen

because Hannah you actually do have enough points to fly business class for this entire trip now I’m going to show you something here on Google flights because this is very typically to start to see the routing possibilities as well kind of lets me know what my my options are when it comes to award bookings so I already typed it in here for you

so from Atlanta where you’re based out of to Ghana you can see it’s we can see Delta for business class offers one of the better options here now when I typically see Delta I immediately start thinking flying blue as well as Virgin Atlantic miles now out of these three Airlines Delta virtual Inuk and Flying Blue Virgin Atlantic is the only one with a standard award chart both flying blue and Delta are dynamic which means they’re gonna be the prices will be based on the price of the ticket more so than just a standard award price because of that I do have you repositioning to JFK for this because here may be flying into JFK to begin with but repositioning you gives you a lot more options and saves you a lot of miles in the process to fly business class to Ghana so now knowing that we’re gonna start off looking over at Delta’s website because while Delta may not be the best is in terms of in terms of value they’ve had some really good offers recently with some of their flash sales so we’re gonna take a look at this anyways and we’re going to see how you can potentially see maybe savers face so partners can see this as well now as

loads up let’s take a look so as we look over here on Virgin Atlantic one thing we want to look at Virgin Atlantic’s they don’t necessarily show all of the options that Delta flies using their points because if we look for Ghana here there nothing shows up at the airport code if we go to search the map rest of the world you can see Ghana is not an option that does not mean you cannot use your Virgin Atlantic miles for the flights it means you’re going to need to call in to book this now let’s pop back over to Delta now and I did call Virgin Atlantic because there’s no option to search online for this but it’s a really good option for you and I’ll explain here in a second so when you load up Delta you’re gonna see 495 thousand points you can fly this route except this is not going to be booked able for Virgin Atlantic miles if you wanted to go that route because they are this part of this is operated by Air France and that is not how you’re going to use these points it needs to be undealt to metal and ninety five thousand points is way more than we were gonna spend anyways on this so that’s not even a good option for you but now as we scroll down you’re gonna see this option here for a hundred and twenty thousand miles in Delta one cabin for a nonstop flight from JFK to Ghana now this this space here actually shows over for Virgin Atlantic reps and the reason why I know that is I call Virgin Atlantic to get a pricing of it now for this price here it cost you one hundred twenty thousand delta miles it’s only 60,000 Virgin Atlantic miles to fly that same exact flight I mean your email fly you and your husband down to Ghana from JFK with Virgil and miles for the price it would cost you one person to using your Delta SkyMiles

and it cost us still fifteen dollars and sixty cents for the taxes and fees which is an absolutely great value for

yourself but that’s not the only great option we have for ourselves because we have an option that could potentially be even better and it’s gonna cost you fewer miles now if you remember

correctly I’ve talked about Etihad miles in the past and typically we look at and we look at I’m using on American airline metal but there’s another airline that we should consider and that is Royal Air Maroc because with Royal Air Maroc the a ward system is actually distance based and anything over two thousand one miles stays the same price either twenty two thousand miles an economy or forty four thousand miles and business class so that’s a really solid option that’s a fantastic value now when we look at Royal Air Maroc s– route map or map routing we see they fly from New York in Washington here in the United States now they’re gonna stop at Casablanca that’s just how they that’s how they operate but they do fly into Ghana which is a really good option for you because from New York where you’re repositioning anyways forty four thousand miles a person is even better than Virgin Atlantic the the only downside is of they will pass on fuel surcharges for you so now how do we search to see what those may cost you now I don’t think we’ve really talked about this but sometimes these airlines would pass on fuel surcharges just for you to kind of get an estimate what you want to do now is go over to ITA matrix ITA matrix it’s owned by Google they put a lot more effort into Google flights if you haven’t noticed Google flights is a really great option

it isn’t just but it isn’t give you a breakdown of the cost ITA matrix does so we’re looking at here we’re leaving from JFK to Ghana on two six four two people you do want to put the currency in as US dollars because if you’re looking to fly back from Ghana to the United States for example it’ll it’ll show in the

country’s currency and we’re looking to look in u.s. dollar seemed a better idea unless you know that on top of your head so we’re gonna win the search now that we’re here we can see the options yard itay matrix we’re gonna click on Royal Air Maroc now I actually reached out to Spenser Howard about this I’m gonna had a question for him because I’ve seen some conflicting evidence or data points people talking about how Royal Air Maroc talks about their or accounts for the fuel surcharges

so some people would say you would add up all of these here everything I had seen before and as well as what Spencer says so I’m gonna go with what Spencer saying here the world Air Maroc only passes on the y q– charge to you so one hundred eighty five dollars per person one way so forty four thousand points and a eight hundred eighty five dollars is a pretty great option considering the fact this is a twenty one hundred dollar flight so that’s a really good option now

we do want to search for oil Air Maroc to see if there’s even space available you do need to make an account in order to search though so you make an account the website is a little clunky I have found but once you’re in Royal Air Maroc you want to book your ticket with miles and as it’s loads up you’re gonna put in your airports JFK to Ghana and we’re looking on February 6th for two people and that is okay you know as this loads up it does it shows that there’s not I don’t have enough miles in my account because I’m putting miles in here because it’s not a good place to put your points in miles

but if space is showing if it’s showing you a economy space and business space its bookable with partners so you can see there’s business space available from JFK over to Ghana now it says 100 17,500 Royal Air Maroc points that is not what you’re gonna pay you would pay 44,000 NT odd miles to do this which is a far better option for yourself what other thing you dream to call in se HOD to book this flight that’s not gonna be booked about online with your odd miles Etsy odd reps aren’t the most

knowledgeable it might take you a couple of phone calls to get through somebody who knows what they’re doing but for 44 thousand points I definitely think it’s worth doing but now we need to get you home because right now we only got you on one way there now this will require just a little bit of flexibility

potentially depending on how you want to book these flights home for yourself now to fly you home we’re actually going to start off looking at Royal Air Maroc to begin with and once we get back to Royal Air Maroc site we’re gonna go ahead and change our flights yeah we’re gonna fly you home right now on February 16th so we want to search now as that loads up you also want to consider the fact that Virgin Atlantic would still be 60,000 points on the way home which is a really good option for you now again we see business spaces opens this is 44

thousand points for yourself one way per person and if we go over to check ITA matrix gonna modify our search I’m gonna go ahead and switch airports switch these around to 16 and as this go ahead go ahead

we can pop over to Delta because we want to check Delta as well so switch our airports go to the 16th now when I searched this earlier this wasn’t an option so I’m just showing this to you it might require a little bit more flexibility for you if you’re able to do that let’s go back to Royal Air Maroc let’s go back over to here alright it’s going to take a look at the taxes and fees here the yq– here is another $185 so to fly home forty-four thousand points and a hundred eighty five dollars to do so which is a really good deal III would have a hard time pressing saying forty four thousand miles one way per person is a hard is a bad option to fly business class for that long now as we go over to Delta you’re gonna see that there’s nothing here that’s gonna qualify you to fly business class home on the sixteenth but let’s go check the seventeenth because there was space on the seventeenth this is why I said a little bit of flexibility could go a long way and any time you’re in the award game flexibility is key and right here you can see from Delta one it’s a hundred and twenty thousand miles for this nonstop which means it’s going to be bookable by Virgin Atlantic and it’s gonna be sixty thousand miles on Virgin Atlantic and should be about a hundred and seventy-six dollars in taxes and fees now you do have enough miles to make this trip happen completely in business class Hana but you’re gonna need to probably mix and match one segment on Royal Air Maroc via Etsy hod the other on Delta via Virgin Atlantic the other thing you can do is if you’re being patient and you want to see we just saw American Express have a

transfer bonus over to Virgin Atlantic it was a thirty percent bonus on the point you transferred over and we could potentially see this happen with chase because chase showed us at least

potentially they’re getting more into the transfer game with British Airways so we can hopefully see this happen to Virgin Atlantic as well now if you wait you might be able to score a really good deal and be able to book yourself a solid flight this way with these

transfer bonuses but if you’re looking to book and you don’t know because with those flight those bonuses tend to come around a couple times a year

at most you have an option here and the way I would look to book this is if you’re

having to split this up which at this moment in time if you’re looking a book you will I would look to book Virgin Atlantic on the way out in Royal Air Maroc on the way home and the reason why I would do that is because on the way home the taxes and fees on Virgin Atlantic would still be a hundred and seventy-six dollars or they’re gonna be a hundred eighty five dollars using your at Ted miles for Royal Air Maroc so to me that’s pretty negligible since you’re already it’s a nine dollar difference right but on the outbound flight it would only be fifteen dollars to use Virgin Atlantic and there’s still one hundred eighty five dollars to use Royal Air Maroc

so you’re gonna save yourself a couple hundred dollars by booking with Virgin Atlantic on the outbound but then saving but then spending about the same in taxes to fly Royal Air Maroc on the home flight and saving yourself a ton of miles so Hannah you have options here and you do have enough points to get you home and they’re completely in business class which is what you wanted you might just be need to be a little bit flexible play around with these dates see what works best for you and remember when you call in to these Airlines Virgin

Atlantic has a great call center when I call in to them I got in and had someone price us out for me within three minutes on the phone it was not an hour long wait you will probably have to call it and hang up and try again with Eddie out a couple of times but it might be worth it if you’re not wanting to put forth that hassle and some people don’t and that’s perfectly fine you’re gonna be either a get a couple thousand more miles to book this completely on Virgin Atlantic or you can wait for a transfer minutes to come back around but you have options I hope you and your husband have a great time in Ghana and especially flying business class let us know how you book though down in the comments kind of curious how you’re gonna done booking this but hey if you like this video consider giving it a thumbs up and if you know somebody you might benefit from this video feel free to share with them and if you want help support the channel a simple way it would be use the links on the website or in the

description below if you like learning about credit cards points miles cashback the spot traveling for less because I have to subscribe button down below and until next time stay travels and take care.

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