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welcome back to another award booking demonstration video and today we’re looking at an award bookie need for Diago he is looking to fly himself and three other people to Brazil so let’s see how we can help book Thiago book this flight hey everyone I’m Wohlers wallet and my channel is all about credit cards credit cards and showing you how you can use your points and miles to travel for less less under then it just you consider subscribing in terms of bail notification on as well also considered for giving the video a thumbs up it really does help to channel out now Diago I said is looking to fly for people in coach class he has a hundred forty four thousand members for more points eighty thousand thank you points and about fifty six thousand Delta SkyMiles he’s looking to leave right around or right after February tenth returning somewhere in the

ballpark of March seventh nnedi all go there was actually a few options to get choose to VIX the airport you looking to fly to on one itinerary but it’s gonna be it’s gonna cost you more miles compared to actually breaking into two separate flights or two itineraries so that’s what we did here I broke this up in a two one two different itineraries cooking it’s gonna be better option for you and there’s one often just really stuck out and the reason why I did this now one thing I always like to do is I always like to look at the cash price because sometimes when people get caught up into is looking to transfer their point two miles what am I actually better just to pay cash or use your points as cash so first thing I did is I actually looked up and we’re gonna start this right now from Boston you’re looking to fly to VIX on I end up choosing so February 11th to March 7th any changes to for people so for for adults you’re looking at roughly thirty four hundred to thirty five hundred dollars a ticket and you can see they all had multiple stops as well so that’s kind of our baseline here and what the point you have it would be a really poor value to use your points as cash here so we’re looking to transfer our points here

now what I ended up doing is I broke this up into I said two different segments in the first segment we

actually broke this up into was looking to go to Sao Paulo and you can see it’s not much cheaper with you’re using your points here so we are now looking to look to transfer partners

where I looked actually was starting with one world and I looked at American Airlines so one way we’re gonna let’s do round trip actually Boston we’re gonna look at VIX just just to show you this here for four people gonna fly out February 11th returning back on the seventh just like we did here or just like we did with the cash price ticket so you can see American Airlines doesn’t even show the possibility to fly to VIX using your miles that doesn’t mean that there’s not actually flights there cuz what we want to do is use our points we want to jump over to Qantas Qantas is another one world partner and we’re gonna go ahead and use Boston to VIX February 11th to March 7th for for adults now it’s gonna tell you you’re going to go to the US website that’s perfectly flying click on through we have this 11th now there’s nothing on the 7th to fly home so you either need to choose the fifth or the 8th you said you were right around that time so I’m gonna pick the 8th but you could see the 5th would work just as well but I would probably end up choosing the 8th just to stay another day if possible so you can see here we have American Airlines on two flights flying into gru and then you would take you know to Sao Paulo

gru to VIX on the tam airlines so and it’s an option for both are so it is available book by partner so it should be available for other airlines to book as well now I would not use Qantas miles at all it’s a really poor value in this situation but it shows that there’s award availability here now that’s important too and I’ll show you why it’s important we look at our miles here when we go back to American Airlines it will show us space same dates to gru which and you look at Qantas is where we’re gonna fly into anyways so Americans not showing us this last segment and that’s okay because it’s still gonna be cheaper by breaking it up into two segments here in just a minute

and you can say okay now we’re getting the opportunity to pick our flights now when you go ahead and pick your flights it’s important to look through all the options because there are hidden

sometimes on American Airlines websites you’ll see you can fly to Boston to Miami

Boston LaGuardia then hop over to JFK and we’ll come back to this in just a second because the model we’re gonna be using is Asia miles now what we have you if you’ve been watching the award booking demonstrations I haven’t used Asia miles yet because it just hasn’t been a decent option to use them or an option that may be my evident easier for people to use in general but this time Asia mile is going to come in handy now something you want to know is that you can’t book American airline flights online with Asia miles you have to write down everything and then call in to them and what’s great about Asia miles is that it’s a distance base award chart now if you’re not sure how to check the distance base I will show you here in just a second

but if you’re looking to look to book with partners such as a single partner which is American Airlines in the situation you’re basically going to add 5,000 miles to this cost so whatever these are if it’s a one partner booking you’re going to use this chart here and add 5,000 miles if you’re going to be using two carriers or more or two carriers you’re gonna end up going down to the one world multi carrier award chart and this is based on total

distance flown on a round-trip ticket okay so let’s go ahead and show you why booking this is two separate ways it’s actually better for you so remember it’s a distance face award chart so how do we find distance base GC map is great for the situation absolutely fantastic so what we want to do if we were to go ahead and let’s go and start with our options here to get you all on one itinerary so that would be ideal for you you just booked a round-trip this way we’re flying from Boston to LaGuardia JFK to sao paulo sao paulo to VIX so and then basically the reverse on the way home so the OS LJ JFK gru

xgr you JFK LGA vos now if we look the entire distance for your flight flown here is ten thousand seven hundred eighty seven miles that’s a lot of distance but now we want to go check on our award chart now cuz remember this option here you’re booking with two different carriers so when you look at Asia miles you’re gonna want to look at the multi carrier chart so we’re just shy of 11,000 miles so scroll down to the bottom here and for that would put you in a ward zone 8 which would be ninety thousand points round-trip per person which is a lot of points I wouldn’t even recommend that because that’s just so many points or other options potential if you wanted to do that but now we want to look at using just a single carrier of American Airlines now I said it was important to keep these in mind it’s because it’s distance based we want to make sure we’re conserving the most like reducing our distance as much as possible to give us the most bang for our buck now you have this option here of Boston to Miami to GRU now if we want to take a look Boston to Miami to GRU one way and it would be basically on the reverse when we look at that that’s five thousand three hundred thirty miles three five thousand three hundred thirty miles one way which is going to put you back now we’re gonna go up to the top here because this is a single award booking it would put you into this long zone now long zone from the Americas is long zone type two so you want to look there if you’re not flying in the Americas it belongs own type one so what basically thirty five thousand miles one way per person but we can do better because if you go start looking through I’m not gonna click this one here because it’s you can do it but it’s a pain in the rear end but when you start looking if you I when I was searching this

yesterday if you go down to page three you’ll notice there’s an American Airlines flight connecting completely JFK which is awesome for us then we want to go back to GC map and basically replace Miami

with JFK now that Knox is down to four thousand nine hundred thirty two miles which is solid for us because that now knocks us from long long tight zone long type two to medium to medium which at 22,000 miles when we add five thousand miles one way per person that puts us at twenty seven thousand miles one way per person plus taxes that’s a hell of a lot better than trying to book this out for ninety thousand points now we now need to get you home because we you know yeah yeah I get home unless you want to live there which you know that’s that’s fine too now what we want to do here is basically in the reverse gru to JFK to Boston so now basically if we want to click this out it’s the reverse so you’re still looking at this forty forty nine hundred mile flight that’s gonna be fifty four thousand miles round-trip per person plus taxes and fees now Vasia miles that does not pass on fuel

surcharges to American airline flights so it should be pretty similar to what you see on American Airlines so to see what you see on American Airlines it’s going to take a look at it three JFK and continue now for four people it would be two hundred and thirty four dollars and fifty two cents in that ballpark of taxes and fees they won’t probably be exact but it’s in that general part ballpark we’re not talking thousands of dollars here that’s a lot better than what your overall pricing was going to be in your only and you’re paying two hundred sixteen thousand miles total to get you there now that’s great we’ve got you two part of the raziel we need to get you the rest of the way there now you have a couple options here it really depends on how you want to book this but we’ll go over both options first option is to look at the cash price that’s always the great option here VIX and I think we’re leaving in the eight so we’re gonna ahead put you from 11th to the 8th now for four people you’re looking at about $260 cash price if you’re looking to pay for it if you weren’t looking to pay for it and you wanted to use miles there is an option in South America with your Etihad miles to fly on

gol gol gol and that’s actually a really solid option in general for people because what’s great about SD hot & juelz relationship

it’s another distance base of war chart and this can offer some really fantastic value for you depending on the time you’re going or even the cost of tickets because for these for 0 to 500 miles it’s only 3,000 miles one way per person and when I head back over to GC map because we want to check our distance gru to VIX and look at that 453 miles that puts us in this zone right here so 3,000 miles one way per person plus tax and the fees which when a which should be right around like 10 or 15 dollars a person it shouldn’t be hundreds of dollars so it’s a really good option for you if you want to use your points and miles to fly there and on the way home it would be the same cost now how do you search for a ward space to use these because that’s not that’s not an option you typically think of and you actually have two options one you can use expert flyer you can look in the and set up alerts and you can take a look there the other is actually just surged Delta so we hop over to Delta we’re gonna look let’s do round trip ok Delta alright we’ll do one way then so those are gonna be the way we want to search us here and that gives it that actually show us now Delta is dynamic in a point currency but for 12,500 miles you should be able to book those via at the hod miles to fly on gol now you can see Delta is charging 12,500 miles and you do have Delta miles but why would you spend 12,500 miles when you can spend 3,000 miles right so you see the options here you want to write down these options just like you would with the American airline flights and when these you’re gonna call at the hot and you’re going to book this flight to VIX from G are you now on the way home let’s flip these around and we’re gonna check the 8 as well so we at least get you one way there that’s 12,000 miles total per per hour 12,000 miles total for all four people to get there and on the way home you can see again another

12500 so this should be bookable with Etihad miles non-stop for 3,000 miles which is 24,000 miles round-trip per our total not per person 6000 miles

round-trip per person to do that which is a really solid value now it is you know 203 sellers at the cheapest so you’d have to compare if it’s worth it to you to burn your miles that way cuz after you take into account taxes and fees you’re burning them for roughly we’ll say 1 cent per point on the lowest end via the cash price here but if you’re looking to save over all money burn even via via at the via goal is a gol is a good option for you if you were to look at like a ward hacker a word hacker I’ll actually have adios as a really good option for you and if you even took into account the 40% transfer bonus should get from embers rewards it would still be 18,000 miles one way for all four of you being 36,000 miles you’re gonna save more miles to do this now after you transfer your points out to agent miles to get you round-trip to Sao Paulo you would have about 8,000 points remaining in your account with via thank you points for Etihad so you can even get more points in your account in order to take advantage of the gol at the hide use of your points at miles you can either do that by using the cards you have to spend enough money to earn those points you can open another credit card for those now a couple things you do want to consider with using asia miles as well as at the hod you’re probably gonna be spending a lot of time on the phone both a both are gonna take a long time to get this through you want to make sure to write down the flight numbers and the time that you’re going to be flying so you can kind of feed these to the representatives with Asia miles you can actually fax them a form if you want to or you can call them I would prefer to call them myself

although the wait times could be quite long and with etad as I’ve said before the representatives aren’t always the greatest but calling them is going to be your need here to book gol with those miles another option I did look at and would cost you more if you’re looking for simplistic use you can actually use like Singapore airline Chris flyer miles to book round-trip from Boston to Sao Paulo it would be a hundred and twenty thousand point one way for all four of you so 240,000 points round-trip taxes and fees were really low as well but you miles for that right now in your account eight Singapore chrisfite miles are very easy in the fact that they’re partners of pretty much everyone so if you’re looking to just use that and not have to make a phone call and you’re cool burning extra points and miles

completely up to you I would look to book with Singapore crisp flyer miles so if you’re looking for simplistic I look Singapore if you’re looking to do a little bit more legwork and get yourself extra value out of your points I would really look to use your Asia miles here because they are transfer partners to both thank-you points and Membership Rewards but if for me I’d probably look to use my thank-you points first

transfer all 80,000 over and then I would move over the remaining I would need from membership reward points to top-up my account for four years for their fur flight but that is how I would book this flight Diago be sure to let us know how you book this because you know I I’m interested I end up booking you do some plus degree do you put a little bit more legwork into it but you have the tools here to find the award space to make that phone call so be sure to listen to how you book it I’m really excited to hear that and if you’re someone who wants to be potentially featured in an award booking

demonstration video be sure to fill in my award booking demonstration form I do have that in the description below but hey if you like this video consider giving it a thumbs up and if you know somebody might benefit from the video feel free to share with them if you want help support the channel a simple way is these links on the website or in the description below if you like learning about credit cards points miles cash back or just flat-out traveling for less consider through the scribe button down below and until next time gentlemen take care.

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