Flying BUSINESS CLASS to Africa for $200

hey what’s up everybody I’m Wallace wallet and welcome back to another award booking demonstration or this time we’re looking at an award booking request from Kobe but first if you’re new to this channel this channel is all about credit cards credit card rewards in showing you how to use your points and miles to travel for less something interests you because they’re describing and turn the bell notification on as well now Cobie is actually looking to fly to Namibia for about a week he’s leaving you know he’s looking to go between March and April from between six to seven days he’s leaving from Minnesota he’s looking to fly business class for two people he has 750,000 membership reward points a hundred and seventy-five thousand ultimate reward points and he does hold the Chase Sapphire reserve in the American Express business platinum now Kobe I am sure you are aware that there is not a nonstop flight not even a one stop flight from Minnesota over to Namibia and really when I started looking at the options for you the options from Minnesota to get to Nivea weren’t great there were a lot of stops along the way some longer lay overs it just really wasn’t ideal but flying back into Minnesota actually is an option for you but because the options getting there were pretty poor I felt and you have to fly to New York anyways I actually have you repositioning to New York because there’s a more direct route for you to do so and I thought it would be thought to be better because it’s gonna shorten your time in flight as well as number of stops and from New York I was actually able to find two business class seats flying on either Ethiopian Airlines or South African airlines now I do have you leaving in April on April 15th returning back to the States on April 22nd now the first option we’re gonna look at is the lowest in terms of miles and that is going to be looking at a n/a but there are some potential negatives here the positive though it’s a hundred and four thousand miles round-trip per person in business class but the fuel surcharges are gonna be different depending on which airline you fly so what I want to show here is even though I have you flying in April I want to show you the option that I have I found earlier today flying with Ethiopian Airlines as Ethiopian Airlines you’re gonna see here is two hundred eight thousand miles but two hundred and seventeen dollars in taxes fees which sounds fantastic

until you realize Ethiopian flies an angle flat seat over to Africa so if you’re looking for a lay flat seat you’re not going to get it with

Ethiopian Airlines and for some people this is gonna disqualify Ethiopian Airlines as a hold if not this is going to be the best option for you and your interceptor reposition to New York and get home from New York if you’re looking for that true lay flat seat we have another option let’s go ahead and search again we’ll search our dates back to the dates of April 15 to April 22nd for two people in business class now this is gonna be on South African airlines now with our South African Airways when you look at South African Airways it stills two hundred eight thousand miles but it’s over seventeen hundred dollars in taxes and fees now I’m not sure if that’s a problem for you to spend I know for myself that’s that’s a lot of cash to part with but for some people they’re okay with that so if you’re if you’re okay with that you’re gonna end up saving yourself a lot of miles this way but if you’re looking to save yourself cash as well there is an option for you we’re gonna spend a little bit more in points but we’re gonna save you a lot of money in cash roughly fifteen hundred dollars so let’s go ahead and take a look over at Aeroplan because Aeroplan is the program we would want to look at now from JFK if we look at a round-trip JFK to wdh yep to namibia round-trip april fifteenth to the twenty second two people business class seats now this loads up the other options we do have other options as well but you might ask why not United United is eighty thousand miles one way per person and we have better options here I don’t think it’s worth blowing ultimate

word points when you have a lot of membership reward points and you’re gonna get a better price doing it this way but you could if you wanted to positive about you not even don’t pass on fuel surcharges as well but the option about to show you here the fuel surcharges are pretty minimal at as well so if you’re looking to fly that same route on South African airlines that we just searched over on a na it’s gonna cost you three hundred thousand miles not seventy five thousand miles one way per person plus taxes and fees but the taxes and fees to fly this route on a truly flat product it’s gonna be roughly two hundred and twenty six dollars u.s.

I know it says to 295 Canadian it’s roughly two hundred twenty six dollars us now we have another option here because this is gonna end up costing us both one stop you can see let’s just show the details real fast for you you can see it’s one stop but it gets you into JFK and then from JFK you need to get home now if you want to reposition to begin with in there at JFK and get back into Minnesota you can do that so we’re gonna flying wdh to ms pain to people business class and we’re going to search now the other options this loads up is Avianca life miles now Avianca charges you seventy eight thousand miles per person one way so you do have a lot of membership reward points what I would say is I would wait if you’re thinking about that they don’t pass on fuel surcharges as well but we want to see if Membership Rewards has a transfer bonus to Avianca or even Aeroplan if so that’s gonna reduce your cost even more but I would if everything being equal no transfer bonuses I’m looking at probably Aeroplan to save money but if you’re okay with spending more money but saving the miles I’m looking at a n/a so we have the same flight on the outbound for leaving from JFK now on the way home I don’t know why it says this it’s not a three stop if you look it’s two stops not sure why it does that but always worth checking into the descriptions of these flights because it’s clearly wrong now this option here for you is still three hundred thousand miles

but it’s gonna up costing about a hundred and sixty-five dollars in tax in the fees to get yourself back home to Minnesota and all you now need to worry about is repositioning to New York on the outbound flight so I would end up choosing this option here for myself if I’m looking to save the cash I mean $1,500 is a lot to part with if you kind of do the math out I think it came out to about like 1.5 or 1.6 cents per point the trade-off is if you want to spend fifteen hundred dollars more you’re saving yourself that but if you trade in basically that fifteen hundred dollars for the many two thousand miles that you’re saving you’re saving yourself roughly about 1.5 cents per point I mean overall when I did the cash prices you’re still getting like four and a half to five cents per point which is still really good

so the other option we should talk about and this isn’t really well talked about on a lot of different forums is Virgin Atlantic to South African Airways as well so we’re gonna jump over here now you can use your miles now you would have to go to JFK for this because the flight has to be on completely on South African Airways pretty much like with any other partner when you’re using these non alliance partners as a whole now from the u.s. to South Africa business class is one hundred fifty thousand miles round-trip plus taxes now Membership Rewards typically has

transfer bonuses over to South R to Virgin Atlantic I feel like once or twice a year we just saw one not too long ago so might not pop back up and it for a little bit but to search this you either want to want to search Aeroplan or even United you can even search a and a as well to let to see the saver availability if it’s saver availability you’re going to need to call inter Virgin Atlantic in book this flight but this is another option for you if you’re wanting to kind of use Virgin Atlantic if there’s a transfer bonus for those pop for your miles so you know like I said the big decision making you need to make is do you want to spend fewer miles at two hundred eight thousand miles round-trip which is pretty solid if you’re look if you’re okay with the angle flat then by far Ethiopian

Airlines is gonna be the cheapest option for you as well as a pretty direct route but if you want that truly flat

experience you’re going to need to fly south African Airways

which I would say if you’re wondering if you’re okay with spending the cash in a if not save yourself some cash fifty hundreds is a lot to do and you know some of these areas Air Canada aeroplane is the place to look at so like I said you have plenty of points that booked this trip across the board but you know let us know in the comments how you book this flight when you decide to book this but my question for everyone else out there is are you someone who would spend the extra cash and save the miles or would you spend the extra miles and save yourself a lot of cash I always find that to be an interesting topic of debate but hey if you like this video consider giving it a thumbs up and if you know somebody you might benefit from this video feel free to share with them and if you want help support the channel a simple way is these links on the website or in the description below and if you liked learning about credit cards points miles cashback or just start traveling for less consider it that subscribe button down below and until next time stay Charles and take care.

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