How I Booked Flights To London For $0

hey what’s up everybody I’m Wohlers wallet and in this video I’m gonna tell you how I vote two adults in one lap infant to London for zero dollars out of pocket but first if you’re new to the channel this channel is all about credit cards credit card rewards and showing you how to use your points and miles to travel for less so if those are topics that interest you consider subscribing to the channel and turning the bail notifications on as well now if you followed my award booking demonstrations you’ll know I have told you many times that transferring your points to flight coach to the UK is usually a terrible value for your points but that still doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look because you should always be comparing prices between award flights and even the cash price now the first place I started to look for my flight to London was

actually over on Google flights but this gave me a baseline cost to compare when searching at award flights and when I searched Google flights you can see the cheapest option was actually Virgin Atlantic at only $776 but I felt the flight times ashlee weren’t great because it lands around 8 p.m. at night so I basically lose the entire day and I would still need to purchase a hotel or air B&B for that night or you can see by spending less than $100 more I actually land in London in the morning and actually prevents me from redeeming points for a hotel room so I decided that that British Airways flight was going to be my baseline so I decided to take a look to see if it were possible to get a better deal transferring my points and that’s because there’s actually some good transfer bonuses going on at the moment and when looking to transfer my points everything came down to the same issue paying the taxes and fees on the award flight we’re almost as expensive as paying for the flight itself and that does not include the points I would need to transfer meaning it would be overall more

expensive to transfer my points to use them as an award flight and there were options like flying blue which looked good to fly to London but in order to add a lap child to a Flying Blue award flight it needs to be flown on Air France or KLM medal and even then it was overall more expensive in terms of point costs since the cheapest option was on a Delta metal flight plus I had none stop options available to me and the air france-klm option didn’t require a stop so after looking at my options I decided I was not going to transfer my points to make this booking it just wasn’t a smart move the value in transferring here was not a great one plus I had other ways to book saving myself a lot of points for future trips as well now I decided to use my altitude reserve points since I had enough points in my account to do so and redeeming at one point five cents per point was actually a pretty solid option for this booking and when it came to redeeming my points I had the option to redeem me through their travel portal or using the real-time ullevĂ„l rewards and I actually opted for the real-time Mobil rewards the reason being by using real time mobile rewards I’m gonna earn credit card points for this booking since I’m actually paying for this flight if I were to book through the travel portal I would not have earned any extra points because it would have reduced my cost upfront meaning I would have had a zero dollar charge to my credit card and the 2673 point I should earn are worth about $40 as well and since this is a paid fare I’m even gonna earn airline miles for this flight now when it came to booking this flights I actually selected the basic economy fare I selected it actually to see what the cost would be to select my seats so they said there would be a charge to pick my seat if I wanted to and since we don’t check bags I really didn’t care that I was not gonna receive a check bag for this flight but as I was going through the booking process to see what the cost of beat something actually pretty funny happened because when I got to seat selection British Airways told me I could select my seat for free and I found this pretty interesting since a screen before told me it would charge me a fee so I decided to select deceits to see if it was actually free to do so and when it came to picking seats the plane were flying actually had a main deck and an upper deck and the configuration was different between them the main deck in coach is a three for three configuration which personally I’m not a fan of and I avoid it if I can but the upper deck was a 2 by 4 by 2 configuration and there were plenty of two seats available in picking

the upper deck was a no-brainer because not only don’t have to sit by somebody else but if my son decides he wants a sprouts um we won’t be impacting anyone elses flight and after I selected my seats sure enough it priced out at zero dollars for seed selection which means the only benefit I’d be losing is a check bag which I mentioned earlier I really don’t care about once I saw the seed selection with zero dollars it really solidified my decision to book this basic economy ticket and since this ticket was eight hundred ninety one dollars and one cent it was only going to cost me 59401 altitude reserve points for all of us to fly to London which was perfectly fine since I had just over sixty three thousand points in my account and really to put that into perspective a typical coach award ticket to Europe is between 50,000 to 60,000 points round-trip plus taxes and fees per adult so I’m flying my family to Europe for less than the cost of one adult on a typical award ticket which I actually think is a great redemption in about a minute after I completed payment for this flight I received a text message from u.s. bank telling me I could redeem 59401 points to cover my charge all I needed to do was respond with redeem so I did in about a minute later I received another text message saying that my point redemption was successful and what I really liked about the real-time mobile reward was the fact that that real-time reward was already showing up in my account even though that airline charge was still pending and I thought that was pretty awesome and those are pretty much the steps on how I ended up booking my flights to London so by combining a cheap fare with my altitude reserve points that’s how I’m flying my family to London for zero dollars out of pocket so tell me what do you think of my Redemption and would you have done anything different hey if you liked this video consider giving it a thumbs up and if you know somebody you might benefit from the video feel free to share it with them and if you want to help support the channel a simple way is to use the links on the website or in the description below and if you like learning about credit cards points miles cashback or just a lot of traveling for less content subscribe

down below and until next time save jobs in the daycare.

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