Save THOUSANDS OF MILES When Flying With This American Airline Credit Card Benefit

do you happen to have an American Airlines credit card well there is probably a benefit in your card that you may not know about or maybe you’ve just forgotten about and this benefit can save you a ton of miles hey everybody I’m Walter’s wallet and this channels all about credit cards credit cards and showing you how you can use your points and miles to travel for less let’s sudden interest you because they’re describing and turn the bell

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American Airlines offers reduce mileage awards to their card holders and the discount varies based on which credit card you have but this is a lesser talked-about benefit but it can save you thousands of miles on domestic airline tickets so what is the American Airlines reduce mileage wars well American airline has a list that they update monthly with many domestic destinations where you can receive a discount when you fly that destination but while American Airlines says it’s the

destination it does not only need to be your destination it could also be your origin as well and the term they use I think is actually quite confusing for people and I really wish they would just change that because it’d be less

confusing if they were and depending on which American airline credit card you were to have you can say 5,000 to 7500 American airline miles on domestic round-trip tickets for flights over 500 miles or you can save one to two

thousand miles on a roundtrip ticket for flights under 500 miles and even better you can use these also on one-way tickets as well but the discount will be half of that of a round-trip discount and the American Airlines reduced mileage award is limited to the US and it cannot be used internationally for example you can see my home airport of Bangor is listed for November of 2019 so if I had American airline miles in my account was looking to fly somewhere domestically I could use as discount to save me a boatload of miles and while you can save one in 2,000 miles for short haul flights I still don’t think this benefit is good for a short haul flight because using British Airways Avios or Iberia adios is going to be better for those flights under 500 miles now let’s talk about why the reduced mileage Awards is a great benefit because it makes us benefits so awesome is the fact that this can make your trip 17,500 miles for a roundtrip ticket and while I still think you need to look to use avi O’s for those short haul flights because those are gonna be a better value for you for longer flights this is gonna be the better deal and this means that making a cross-country trip would only cost you 8750 miles each way in coach plus taxes when you were to book a roundtrip ticket and if you’re someone who wants to fly in the premium cabin you can use as benefit as well in business class when you’re booking it on a three cabin plane or first-class one it’s a two cabin plane so you’re just not stuck using this benefit only for economy flights and that being said percentage-wise you’re still going to get a higher percentage off for your miles and economy class but if you can happen to fly on their Airbus 321 T you’ll be flying any lay flatbed for only forty two thousand five hundred miles round-trip which is still a pretty solid deal now in order to get this discount you do need to be a cardholder for the American Airlines credit card authorized users do not receive this benefit now let’s talk about how you can book an American Airlines reduce mileage award and unfortunately you can’t book this online you still need to call american airlines to book this which i do find a bit tedious since you would think options like this could be done online maybe with a code or even

entering in your credit card number in in order to book these flights you do need to find savor space for your flights on the american airlines website you’re not able to book these using the everyday price or even their web special pricing but really even if you could you wouldn’t want to use this using the everyday pricing since those prices are just so high now you don’t want to be sure to write down your flight numbers and times so you can just feed this to the representative this will make things go a little bit smoother for you as well and you’ll also notice that America airline gives the coats for the discount on their website so you can just give that information to the representative when you call and this will get you that discount and usually when you call to book and a war flight that is bookable online you might get hit with a booking fee from a representative but since this is not bookable online when you do call to book this to the american airlines reservation line they should waive this fee for you and if by some chance you get a representative that’s

can you charge you I would hang up and call again because that fee should be waived but if you do happen to book through their Travel Center you’ll be charged 35 dollars so be sure to use the reservation line and one stupid fee American Airlines charges is that garbage closing fee so if you go to book a ticket within 21 days a departure you’re going to pay an additional $75 per award ticket and this is waived if you have a certain level of status with American Airlines now let’s talk about some other considerations with the reduced mileage Awards now you can only get a maximum of 7,500 miles off per a round-trip so if you happen to see both cities on this list that does not mean you get this stack and getting double to discount well that would be awesome the most you’re going to get is 7,500 miles off and that is going to depend on which American airline credit card you have and if you’re someone who happens to hold both the Berkeley or City American Airlines credit card

you still get just one discount the discount does not stack with multiple credit cards now just because you’re getting a discount it doesn’t mean this is the best option to use I would still compare prices with other award options too even the cash price as well as looking at British Airways IV osore Iberia augo’s for those short haul flights on American Airlines since those are going to be cheaper to begin with even with the reduced mileage award discount but this discount is a great way to save up to 30% off on your American airline flights when you are going to use your miles so tell me have you ever used the American Airlines reduced mileage Awards hey if you like this video consider giving it a thumbs up and if you know somebody might benefit from this video feel free to share with them and if you want to help support the channel a simple way is use links on the website or in the

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