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hey everyone I’m always wallet and today we’re gonna be taking a look at a trick on how you can save money when you book British Airways flights now while British Airways might not be a great option for transatlantic flights due to their crazy high fees there are a couple of tricks that could save you a lot of money on British Airways flights when you’re booking from the United States now let’s take a look at the first trick to saving money on British Airways flights and that’s become an AARP member because one misunderstanding people have is they think you need to be over 50 in order to apply and be an AARP member but if you’re under 50 you can be an associate member and you actually receive all the benefits of being a member so really anyone can join AARP there is not an age requirement all you need to do is pay the $12 fee for your first year and then it’ll be sixteen dollars a year afterwards or if you wanted you could pay for a longer membership and lock in a lower price for more than just your first year and the AARP membership has a lot of benefit but the one we’re going to be focusing on is the discounts for British Airways flights because you’re going to save up to sixty five dollars on a world traveler economy ticket or up to two hundred dollars on business class tickets per passenger and this will apply to the base fare not to the taxes and fees so this could be a huge savings for you depending on the number of people you have traveling with you now you will need to go through the link on a or a peeps website in order to have your discount applied now in order to get this discount your flights need to be on British Airways or on a British Airways codeshare flight on American Airlines or Iberia and your ticket needs to be a round-trip ticket and it has to be made online open Jah tickets and one-way tickets are excluded from receiving this discount because while AARP says that you cannot combine this offer with another offer in practice that actually isn’t true which is great because some of you may be able to stagger this offer with another offer and really take advantage to save some money because if you are

Chace British Airways cardholder one of your benefits is a 10% discount on British Airways flights for you and up to seven other people and this does include taxes and fees for this discount and this discount will actually work on one-way tickets round-trip tickets or even open JA tickets as well also in order to use this benefit your flight has to be on British Airways all it cannot be a code shared flight so while the AARP discount is allowed to be on code shares this discount is not so you want to be sure to search just for British Airways ole if you’re looking to use this offer in flights do have to originate from the US in order to get this discount

sorry UK fliers in order to get this discount you do need to use the promo code chase be a 10 at the checkout screen under the promotional code and this promo code is currently good for bookings made by March 31st of 2020 bowls have to see if Chase and British Airways renew this benefit after that time and you don’t actually need to use your British Airways card to pay for this flight as well so you can use another card that maybe earns flexible currency or even a car that earns at a better rate now let’s talk about stacking these offers because what’s really great is if you happen to have an AARP membership and the British Airways credit card you can stack these two discounts together which can lead to some really good savings for you now let’s take a look at an example flying from JFK to Paris because you can fly this round-trip for about three hundred and seventy six dollars before any discounts and with your AARP member discount it should take about sixty dollars off your ticket cost bringing your total cost to about three hundred and sixteen dollars and when you stack this with your British Airways credit card it should bring your total just to about two hundred eighty five dollars and since you don’t need to pay for this with your British Airways credit card you could actually pay for this on a card like your Chase Sapphire Reserve and your travel credit would actually cover this for you but in this example stacking these offer saves you about 25% on your flight cost

plus you’re even going to earn miles on your flight as well so if you’re someone who flies British Airways often or even flies them just once a year either on British Airways metal or even on American airline metal using your obvious to fly transatlantic it’s usually a poor value due to the high cost of the taxes and fees which I truly just don’t understand how they can have taxes and fees be so much higher on tickets than if you just paid for them out of pocket something just seems off to me on how they calculate that but if you were to use the AARP membership even just once it more than pays for the AARP membership plus AARP has a lot of other benefits and discounts as well and if you happen to already have the chase British Airways Visa card this could just be a great way to stack even more savings on your British Airways flight so tell me have you used AARP to save yourself money on buying British Airways flights hey if you like this video consider giving it a thumbs up or if you know somebody who might benefit from this video feel free to share with them and if you want to help support the channel a simple way would be using links on our website or in the

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