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hey everybody I’m Wohlers Walla and in this video we’re gonna take a look how we can get Joseph and his wife to Hawaii but first if you’re new to this channel this channel is all about credit cards credit card rewards and showing you how to use your points and miles to travel for less so that’s something of interest you consider subscribing and turn in the notification belt on as well now Joseph reached out and he says hey Waller my wife and I will be going to Honolulu in November we would like to leave November 22nd and come back on November 29th we’re kind of flexible and eights give or take a day or two we can fly out of any Airport or you originate in Kansas City Missouri we would prefer

first-class on the trip both coaches fine if the cost matches I have about 60,000 members should reward points and about 65,000 AAA miles now Joseph I know you said that you would prefer to fly business or first-class but really a listicle ii your point totals just don’t match that right now so you can look to either open more cards to get to that cabin of your choice or you’re gonna just have to fly coach and there is options actually out of Kansas City Missouri

so we’re gonna take a look at those right now all right so one place I usually start when I look for award space for Hawaii is I typically start at United because with United it gives us access to Singapore Airlines and

Singapore Airlines is a transfer partner of a lot of different programs so it’s realistically the place I always start when I look for a reward space so I have you here Kansas City Missouri to

Honolulu we’re gonna look from November 22nd November 29th for two people now as that loads up I want to pull up again the Star Alliance chart for star align our for Singapore Airlines and Star Alliance because if you notice here North America to Hawaii is 35,000 points roundtrip now I actually saw something the other day when I was searching this with someone else that Singapore

Airlines has been showing some United flights when you enter you Singapore Chris flyer miles it doesn’t show for Kansas City to Honolulu and as as we show this here let’s take a look just so I can show you how does that loads up we’re gonna go back to United website now Joseph you can see on the 22nd there’s

no Sabre availability here and you did mention you have some flexibility here I’m hoping you’re flexible enough to potentially on the 19th because if you’re flexible if on the 19th or is that saver space now that’s important because in order for Singapore Airlines this sea to get to get that price of 17,500 points it needs to be saver availability and it’s actually not too bad of a flight you’re gonna have one stop overall and you’re gonna be flying into Denver Colorado and then over to Honolulu so you have a short short layover here not a bad option that would only be 17,500 Singapore Chris flier miles per person in five dollars and 60 cents per person so that’s a really good option now you do have American airline miles I think is important to take a look at those as well now when you’re the on American Airlines website they’ve redone their award booking and I’m not a fan of the new set up so what you need to do to kind of go back to the old page if you will is click this advanced multi City search function because if not it gives you it shows you the newer options and the newer set up and it doesn’t show you savor space it’s very difficult to understand if you’re getting save our space this here will show you the old space with there are web specials as well as business Sabre economy save our first class saver and etc so we’re gonna click redeem mile that’s very important we’re gonna look here and round-trip because it’s easy to see this with American some airlines you have to book if you look at one-way zor-el so don’t air out for you we’re gonna change this to two people and now we’re gonna search now we’re gonna go back to United that loads up so for 20 2004 17,500 points you can fly to Hawaii so we’re gonna select this flight just for fun just so we can get to the return flight and as that loads up we’re gonna see this is going to November 26 that’s okay that was here in a second you’re gonna see that your if you’re coming if you’re leaving a few days early I’m not sure if you can stay a day or so but on the 26 we’re kind of it would be a week for you there’s no saver space if you can fly home on the 27th you’d get an extra day in Hawaii and it does fall into that day or

to window for yourself but there is savor space here as well and again it’s not a bad flight time now if you do get home as fortunately in on the morning of the 28th which I’m not sure if that’ll work for you now but sometimes that’s the trade-off with some of these saver spaces especially as we see United getting a little bit stingier before they truly go dynamic in November so you have options here you are in Chicago and then you land back so you actually be on the flight the entire time overnight you wouldn’t be having a layover to stay a night in another another at the city now with American Airlines you’re gonna notice there is actually no option here for saver space now we’re gonna click Gil economy web specials because you can sometimes score good deals here but it’s complete garbage on this here for you because seventy two thousand fifty thousand forty four these are just straight garbage and I would not

recommend you using these for the Conoco specials because this is kind of

foreshadowing I think the issues we’re gonna see with the dynamic pricing from American because they’re just incapable of actually giving decent pricing here so the saver space is on the 19th or the 18th where we’re looking at now on the way home you can see the saver spaces on the 25th and the economy web specials again pretty garbage seventy seven thousand five hundred

what these are options for you you know as bad as I would say the twenty eight thousand miles one way it is still an option not something I would look to do though but let’s just take a look at these flights because it’s important to take a look at those now as we look over back over United you’re gonna see again 17,500 points and this is really a good option for you to use via Singapore Airlines now what you want to do when you want a book with Singapore Chris flower miles on United since it’s not bookable online you see this air here it doesn’t mean it’s not booked Abul you need to write down all of the flight numbers all of the information and call Singapore Airlines to book it now I’ve called Singapore Airlines to book flights before on them their reps are pretty pretty knowledgeable and I’ve never really had to wait super long to get on the

and they’re pretty quick to answer the phone so I have never had an issue Singapore Airlines and actually I think they’re pretty awesome so don’t worry about the additional miles coming from my account but it would be you know $22.40 total for you and using Singapore course are miles it’d be 70,000 miles as opposed to 90,000 miles so you’re saving yourself a boatload of miles here now as we jump back over to American since you do have 65,000 points here you can kind of mix and match if you want to

I don’t think 22,500 is great but we would look at the situation you have here either a you’re gonna need to you’re gonna need to earn about 10,000 more membership reward points in total or you can get them from maybe ultimate reward points or city thank-you points if you have any of those lying around now the issue with American I have here is that you’re flying with to stop two stops total flight time is just over 21 hours definitely not ideal if you’re looking to burn your American airline miles that 18 would probably be better for you because you’re gonna see here you have just one stop here on Alaskan Alaskan airlines so that would kind of be the option I would look at if you’re looking to fly out on the 18th and burn those miles

but given the two options I actually prefer to fly on Singapore or United via Singapore Kris flier miles but you could also do with American Airlines you could keep checking back to see if of Saveur space is going to open for you on the date that you’re really looking for it could happen it might not happen I have no idea it really just depends on what their system does and depends on how many seats are selling on revenue prices the other shear we’re gonna run into because you’re traveling around that Thanksgiving timeframe Awards face is typically going to be a little bit more difficult around that time to begin with so it might not open it all but

definitely keep looking for this

opportunity because you’re gonna see maybe it open up maybe not but you do have options here

you did say you were a little bit flexible and I do think either using singapore kris flyers or even your AAA miles well might not be the best

redemption that’s what you have to fly with so I would just keep checking those out for you and since it is the holiday time joseph’ I would be look

to book sooner rather than later because once the seats are gone I’m sure they’re gone and you’re not gonna get a good price for them going forward so might not be the ideal times you’re looking for but you do have a couple of options here and this is how I would look to book them ideally going with your Singapore Kris flyer miles to book via United number you have to call in or if you’re looking to burn some AAA miles I would burn them on the outbound flight rather than coming home just because there’s a better option for you to do that but you do have options I hope you and your wife have a great time in Honolulu I love to Honolulu there’s a lot of great stuff to do there you know beautiful beaches as well so hey if you like this video consider giving it a thumbs up and if you know somebody might benefit from this video feel free to share it with them and if you want help support the channel a simple way it would be use the links on the website or the description below if you like learning about credit cards points miles cash back or just lot of traveling for less consider through the describe button down below and until next time safe travels and take care.

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